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If your kids are going stir-crazy stuck inside on a cold or rainy day, make this fun craft and learn about Egyptian history. 

It's an inexpensive, fun craft for older kids both boys and girls, and it's disguised as a history lesson. Let's have some fun!

What You Will Need For This Craft:

  • A medium to larger disposable water bottle
  • Glue or Modge-Podge
  • Newspaper
  • 5 to 7 Colors of Acrylic Paints: White or Gesso, Bronze or Gold, and a few other colors
  • A container for glue and water
  • A medium and small paint brush
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • A pencil
  • Toilet paper or gauze

Starting the Mummy Craft:

Mix glue, or Modge Podge with water in a disposable plastic container. We used a cottage cheese container, but any container will work. You'll need to stir the glue mixture about half and half, so have something handy for that. Typically I use the handle of a brush, the back of a pencil, or a popsicle stick to stir with. This is to assist with the papier-mâché.

Cut up newspaper into 1/4 inch strips. The strips do not need to be measured out. If they aren't super straight, don't worry about it.

Cut the tip off the water bottle. The tip and lid can be thrown away.

Put the strips of paper in the glue mix, and mix it around. My son loved this part.

I handed my son the paper glue strips. I take 2 fingers and feed the paper glue strip through them. Then glue doesn't drip everywhere. The excess falls in to the container. 

My son started wrapping the water bottle, horizontally, overlapping the paper as he worked his way to cover the full water bottle.

This is what it should look like:

Let it dry. You can speed up the drying time by blow drying it. We found that it was really handy to have my son put his hand inside the bottle, so it didn't get messy.

After it's dry paint it with white acrylics or Gesso.

Let it dry again. Let your child draw on their Egyptain tomb. This is where it's fun to do research. Have them read a book on Egyptain art, symbols, tombs and more. 

My son felt a little unsure about painting. I started him out with just painting a bronze color around the edges. Then he finished it off.

Start painting the details with a smaller brush. Let your child choose the colors they want to use. Stick to a small palate of colors. Remember you can mix colors to get other colors.

Once my son was done, I had him set the water bottle aside.

Dad was nice enough to cut it down one side and the bottom, so it opens like a hinge would. This part a parent needs to do! Use an X-acto Knife, or Utility Knife. 

It's Time for the Mummy Inside!

This looks a little raw, but just cut out a cardboard shape to be about the size you want your Mummy to be. Tape a pencil to it. The pencil just keeps the cardboard firm enough to wrap. You won't get the pencil back, so don't use your favorite one. 

Start wrapping it with gauze, toilet paper, or anything else you have laying around that will look Mummy like. We started out with some gauze looking material, and moved to toilet paper.

Put the Mummy inside the water bottle coffin, and you have yourself some Egyptian History!

My son Isaak liked it so much that he had to take it to school to show his friends. 

What's your favorite time in history?

Alissa Apel

Art Instructor and Parent Blogger

Alissa Apel is a wife and mom of 2 happy and energetic boys ages 9 and 12. She is a college instructor at the Creative Center. She spends her free time blogging for, baking, cooking, working on craft project with the 9 year old, and painting. Learn More About Alissa Facebook Instagram Pinterest ...

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