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Decorated sugar cookies usually show up around the winter holidays, but there's nothing stopping us from making fall sugar cookies! With a little cocoa powder in the frosting, you can create the perfect fall inspired cookie.

I love all the colorful leaves scattered across the ground. Collect some leaves and talk to your kids about: the colors, why they fall, the different kinds of leaves, and the list goes on. There's just a lot of beauty to see outside right now.

I can always count on my husband, and my workplace co-workers to crave cookies. Especially on a Monday morning. Every once in awhile I'll have my 9 year old helper, bake with me in the kitchen. We decided to make leaf and acorn cookies and decorate them to look like our collection from outside.

I've been making these cookies for years, and so many people rave about them!

My son helps me measure the ingredients out, and he loves controlling the mixer.

Once we were done, I rolled the dough in a ball (sort of), and put it in plastic wrap for the refrigerator. You can chill it for 1/2 a day, but I went with the 1/2 hour in the instructions. 

While I was waiting for the cookies to chill, I cleaned the surface I planned on rolling the dough out on, and lightly floured it. I try and roll my cookies out super thin. Then we have more cookies to decorate.

One place that has a lot of selection of cookie cutters is Sur La Table. If you live in the Omaha area, that's in One Pacific Place. I got my leaf and acorn cutters there.

For roll out cookie, cut them as close to one another as possible. Then there's less rolling. Every time I have to roll the dough out again it gets drier, and drier. Tip: Add a little water to the dough, knead the dough again, and then roll it out. 

Once I get one pan sprayed and filled up, it's then that I turn on the oven to 350 degrees. I start working on filling up another pan. 

It only takes 8 minutes to bake the cookies. I make sure to "drop" or "break" three, one for Dad and two for my sons to gobble down. 


I had my son help me mix up fall colors. I don't make them as bright as they are outside. Mainly because red food dye isn't the best to consume a lot of. Each color I add a little coco powder to the frosting. It makes the colors more natural and earthy.

I found Wilton Sprinkles - Turtle Crunch that's perfect for acorns. The best spot to get sprinkles in Omaha is Mangelsen's. 

I frosted the acorns yellow ochre on the tops, and raw sienna and earthy green on the bottom. My son was on sprinkle duty, which he loves!

The leaves were all sorts of colors. Each had some coco powder in the frosting to again give them a natural look.

Tip: Let the cookies set out for a whole evening before you put plastic wrap on them.

We made 3 plates: 1 for each of our works, 1 for my students, and extra for home. They were gone in a day.

What are your favorite cookies?

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