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We all know that social media can make parenting seem like an endless to-do list. There is literally a holiday for everything these days.

What do you mean you didn't remember to move the shifty-eyed elf during December? Did you forget to dye your toilet water green to prove the leprechaun visited? Didn't you leave some time-consuming glitter lined bunny trail to your child's Easter basket? For shame! If it makes you feel any better, I didn't do ANY of those things either.

I am here today to help reclaim 1) your time 2) your sanity and 3) a simpler childhood.

Do you remember May Day baskets?

On May 1st you leave a little basket of goodies on your friend's/neighbor's door, ring the bell, and run away. It is a fun tradition from what my kiddos call "the olden days."

Making these May Day baskets with my kiddos took no time at all. And I kept the baskets SIMPLE by using store-bought cookies and seed packets from the gardening center. It is the thought that matters here. We want to spread some joy and happiness to our neighbors while still maintaining our sanity as parents and not trying to overdo it with our children. And I think that these easy May Day baskets fit the bill.

For the basket portion, I used an easy paper cone template from Instructables. My older children (ages 6-12) were able to do this with minimal help, while the three-year-old needed lots of help. The three-year-old, however, was really good at using the hole punch to punch holes into the cones so we could string some bakers twine through to create a loop to hang on the door. Work to your child's strengths.

To maintain your sanity and keep it simple only include a few things in your baskets. I like the idea of a sweet treat plus something else. As you can see we did seed packets but you could do sidewalk chalk or bubbles.

Most importantly enjoy this quick and easy project with your child(ren) while you spread joy to your friends and neighbors. Happy May Day!


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