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My son has been really into carving lately.

He actually started out carving with his grandpa. I said, "Let's carve a stamp out of a vegetable." He kind of looked at me sideways.

This craft is best for upper elementary. Children may need adult assistance.

What You'll Need for This Craft

  • A Root Vegetable (like a raddish, any potato, rutabaga)
  • A Small Wood Carving Tool or Small Kitchen Knife
  • Acrylic or Tempera Paint
  • A Small Paint Brush or Foam Roller

Why Carve Into a Vegetable?

For a beginner, it's easy to learn the art of carving on a root vegetable, because it's less resistant than wood or linoleum. 

Kids can not only learn about carving, but also about what they are carving into. 

Root vegetables are easy to come by. We all have one sitting around our house. 

Sweet Potato Carving

Cut the Potato in Half

It's best for a parent to help cut the root vegetable in half.

Use a Small Wood Carving Tool or Small Kitchen Knife

Safety First!

Talk to your child about safety before they begin!

My son said Grandpa told him not to cut towards himself, but that he couldn't help sometimes to cut towards himself. I said, "Turn the potato around if you can't reach your cut." That seemed to work for him.

I also gave my son a cutting board to sit on his lap. You can do it at the table as well.

End Result of Both Halves

The carvings are not very complex. With something so small as a vegetable you don't want a difficult design.

Add the Paint

We mixed up our own red with acrylics. Then my son painted it onto the stamps. You can roll it on with a foam roller if you prefer.



Get Creative!

My son turned the triangles into different things.


This was a fun activity to do together, but I do think my son is past the stage of carving into root veggies. He did enjoy the carving part and liked making his triangle stamps into other things. 

Storing Your Stamp

You can keep your stamp in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer if you'd like to keep it longer. 

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