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After a long winter that carried over to spring, the sun is finally here!

It makes me anticipate the coming of summer and pool time. I love the water!

Water has a magical way of pulling us to it. I see this happen on a daily basis when children enter Habitat Hollow at Fontenelle Forest. They descend the stairs quickly heading to the fish and aquatic tanks full of life. The same happens when children and adults alike are near water fountains, puddles of water, lakes.

Do you know who else loves the water?! Fish! And we're going to be learning all about them at the May Hands-on-Habitat!

Fish are the oldest animal families to live on earth. They were here long before dinosaurs- about 500 million years ago. thousands fish may have swam in the water you drink. Aquariums bring to life the amazing world that lives below water in our oceans that we otherwise would not see. Like fish, we humans live across the entire world in all types climates.

Have you ever thought about the similarities between you and a shark or a goldfish? At first glance, it’s easy to miss the similarities because of all the apparent differences. But if you look beyond the scales and the abilities to breathe underwater, you have a lot in common with fish!

What are these similarities? When you were developing you looked a lot like a fish! Your eyes started on the side of your head and your top lip, jaw and palate began as gill-like structures on your neck.

Damselfish love to garden just like we do. They tend to algae gardens in the ocean.

Hump head wrasses can tell time similar to humans. Fish can feel pain and learn to avoid it.

How good is your memory? Goldfish can remember things for up to five months. Eleven months after Australian crimson-spotted rainbowfish learned to escape from their tanks, they could still remember how they did it.

Please join us at the May Hands-on-Habitat where we'll learn more about fish and go fishing in the stream at Fontenelle Forest's outdoor playground Acorn Acres!

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Trish Wakefield

Fontenelle Forest Educator

First and foremost, Trish is a wife and a mother of four amazing sons who followed her husband to Omaha for his career.  As a Kansas native, she has always had a passion for life sciences, the natural world and educating children. As a child she actively camped and swam in Kansas State Parks. She studied life sciences at Wichita State University before raising her boys. She also worked as a Special Ed para prior to becoming a YMCA Aquatics Director. As the Aquatic Director, she t ...

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