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Flowers spread beauty everywhere you see them.

Vibrant hues of yellow, purple, red, orange and many other colors; they paint our world. Insects seem to share this view, hopping or flying from one flower to another. While flowers give us beauty, flowers give insects food - a sweet drink of nectar and leaves to munch on.

Butterflies are one of the many insects that drink nectar from flowers and pollinate while doing so. Pollinating the flowers create more flowers for all to enjoy.

At the August Hands-on-Habitat, we'll hike through the forest looking for these beautiful creatures. We'll practice butterfly catching with a net and tissue paper, and if I am fast enough to catch one, I will put it in a butterfly dome for us to see them up close.

Here are a few fun butterfly facts!

  • Butterflies can't hear like you and me. Instead they "hear" by feeling vibrations.
  • They are nearsighted and can only see red, green, and yellow.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet!
  • Their skeleton is on the outside of their body. It's called an exoskeleton and it protects and helps keep water inside their bodies so they don't dry out.

These fun, FREE classes are designed for preschoolers and their grown-ups the third Friday of the month! Attendance is limited to 30 kids so sign up today!

Trish Wakefield

Fontenelle Forest Educator

First and foremost, Trish is a wife and a mother of four amazing sons who followed her husband to Omaha for his career.  As a Kansas native, she has always had a passion for life sciences, the natural world and educating children. As a child she actively camped and swam in Kansas State Parks. She studied life sciences at Wichita State University before raising her boys. She also worked as a Special Ed para prior to becoming a YMCA Aquatics Director. As the Aquatic Director, she t ...

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