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Fall is officially here to stay.

There's a crispness in the air I wasn't prepared for especially since it was 90 degrees a week ago!

The winds of Fall cause the leaves of the trees to make their final descent to the ground. Where we rake them into giant piles and then jump in them!

This is a great time to talk to your kids about the changing seasons, why leaves lose their color and fall to the ground. This starts developing their hypothesis skills at a young age. Ask your children not only why a tree sheds leaves, but how the weather changes from warm to cool. If you don't remember all the answers from science class, Google is ready to help out!

At the October 19th Hands-on-Habitat, we're going to investigate for clues of Fall's dramatic arrival. Things like the changing leaf colors, squirrels gathering nuts for the winter and insects laying eggs on the leaves to ensure their survival.  We will observe these things and more on our hike through the forest and create exciting crafts in Habitat Hollow.

This fun class for preschool age children and their grown-ups is free with registration. There are only 30 spots available so register soon!

Trish Wakefield

Fontenelle Forest Educator

First and foremost, Trish is a wife and a mother of four amazing sons who followed her husband to Omaha for his career.  As a Kansas native, she has always had a passion for life sciences, the natural world and educating children. As a child she actively camped and swam in Kansas State Parks. She studied life sciences at Wichita State University before raising her boys. She also worked as a Special Ed para prior to becoming a YMCA Aquatics Director. As the Aquatic Director, she t ...

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