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My son is so into yarn right now.

He loved it when we went to visit Alpacas of the Heartland...

and a sweet lady offered to teach him how to knit. 

He's into yarn, string, and I'm pretty sure he'd be into felting as well.

With kids they get wide eyes with arts and crafts. I think he'd like to jump in, and make a hat, or scarf. It's important to start out simple. Last summer I had him work on some string art. This time around he made an Ojo de Dio. 

Supply List to Make an Ojo de Dio:

  • 2 or more sticks
    • We used dowels, but you can use popcycle sticks. They sell packages of different types of sticks at craft stores. 
  • A few colors of yarn
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Elmer's Glue or hot glue to glue the sticks together. 

Steps to Make an Ojo de Dio:

It's been years, since I've made a Ojo de Dio. I had to watch a few videos on YouTube to show my son how to make one. If you want to get more elaborate there are plenty of videos online to bump up the craft level. 

Start out by gluing the sticks together. I think this is a must for little ones. Otherwise they slip around.

Once the glue is dry, it's time to get out the yarn. You can use just one color, two colors, or multicolored yarn. For this we used multicolored yarn. It's good to let the crafter choose the color.

Parent: Start by knotting the yarn in the middle. My son did this himself, but not all kids will be able to. Cut off the tail of the knot. 

Wrap the yarn around one of the sticks. Then go to the next stick to do the same thing. Keep going around, and around like this.

It's kind of like threading a shoe - there are a lot of ways to do it. No way is wrong. You just have to be consistent for it to look good.

At first it looks kind of like a jumbled up mess, but soon enough it looks cool! Keep turning it over to look at both sides.

Again: Wrap around the stick, pull tight, bring it to the next stick and wrap around that...

It isn't long before there is the start of an Ojo de Dios. I love that it's a fast project for kids.

It's also cool that it's not just one, but two sided.

You can keep going out to the end of the sticks, or leave some of the sticks showing.

Once you have an Ojo de Dios made, play with more options! Add more sticks, make two and put them together, play with colors, add beads or candy wrappers to it. There are so many possibilities!

Did you make an Ojo de Dio when you were little?

Best for Ages:

I think it's best for third graders and up. If your child has problems with tackling fine motor skills this could be a frustrating craft for them. On the other hand it could be great to help build up their fine motor skills. You want art and crafts to be fun, so they want to keep doing them.

What I Liked About This Craft:

  • It's good for boys and girls. 
  • It's not expensive.
  • There are more options to make the craft more difficult. 
  • It can be done in any weather. 
  • It kept my son busy. 

Once he got it down, he was happy to do it on his own. It's when we looked up others that had a lot to them, where it became too much for him to tackle on his own.

Alissa Apel

Art Instructor and Parent Blogger

Alissa Apel is a wife and mom of 2 happy and energetic boys ages 9 and 12. She is a college instructor at the Creative Center. She spends her free time blogging for, baking, cooking, working on craft project with the 9 year old, and painting. Learn More About Alissa Facebook Instagram Pinterest ...

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