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"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat."

As a mom to four you can bet your bottom dollar I will be filling this month's lunch box with something good to eat. At every turn, my children are getting some type of candy. While I can't be with them every waking hour I am going to at least control what I can. And right now, that is controlling what is in their lunch boxes.

This month is going to be full of fun Halloween themed lunch boxes without any "fun-sized" candy bars. Going with a black and orange theme they will be served black olives and carrot coins. These two vegetables provide a healthy fat, antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, fiber, and iron just to name a few. 

Instead of decorated sugar cookies, I will be using my cookie cutters to cut out spooky shapes for my children's sandwiches. You can cut out the entire sandwich using the cookie cutter or you can just cut out the cheese. This is what I opt to do since there is so much bread wasted the other way. You know your kiddos though, so if they don't like the crust, then go ahead and cut out the whole sandwich. Cheddar works best for the pumpkin and mozzarella or provolone are our family favorites for ghost shapes.

In years past, I would try to draw on the fruit peel, but the marker never stayed on. This year I opted to just get some stickers and put little messages like "BOO!" or "EEK!" on them. You can also etch messages on banana peels. It is a fun surprise for them when they open their lunches, and their classmates love it.

Have fun ghosts and goblins packing those spooky lunches! Save the sweets for Halloween night.

Jamie Gates

Parent Blogger and Recipe Creator

Jamie is the creator, recipe developer, and photographer behind The Kitchenarium. She is a wife, mother to four, coffee drinker, cookie baker, PTA/PTO mom, and a modern Tupperware lady. Jamie first started publishing recipes online in 2007. When she's not working Jamie enjoys hosting all day brunch parties, hiking with her family, trying a new-to-her local restaurant, or binge reading a new book. ...

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