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There are tons of items you need (or want) for your baby, so it's important to weed out the gadgets and gizmos you may not need. Every parent is different in what they value and makes their life a little easier. This is a list of some of my favorites.

  1. Aden and Anais Serenity Star. I love this product! It combines so many nursery items in one cute looking package. The star acts as a sound machine (we use the lullaby for naps and white noise for night time), a clock, a feeding diary if you are nursing, a night light and a room temperature indicator. The star glows red, blue or white if your baby's room is above, below or at the ideal temperature. It's a little pricey, but I really do love this product and will use it for all of my kids to come!
  2. NoseFrida. If you don't have one of these…get one! This is by far, hands down, the best snot remover out there. Throw out that nasty bulb thing that doesn't work and who knows what is growing inside. To some it may be a bit off-putting that you are literally sucking the snot out of your baby's nose, but I promise you, no snot will ever get near your mouth. This company also has a product called The Windi, a gas reliever that you actually insert in baby's rectum, which again...sounds odd, but I could have really used this during the early months of Bastian's life.
  3. L'occitane Mom and Baby Lotion. This lotion smells so good and lasts. It's gentle on baby's skin, easily absorbed, and best of all it's not greasy.
  4. The Miracle Blanket. I started using this with Bastian when he was able to escape out of his other swaddle blankets. This is like a baby straight-jacket…that baby actually likes! It doesn't have noisy velcro and allows you to change your baby's diaper in the middle of the night without having to unswaddle them. They are pricy, but so worth it. I only needed two!
  5. Pat The Bunny. I remember this book when I was a little kid and now it is Bastian's favorite book. This book is a touch and feel/interactive book that seems very strange when you read it, but babies and kids love it. Bastian's favorite page is playing peek-a-boo with Paul.
  6. Rock 'n Play Sleeper. This simple rocking bassinet type sleeper is what helped this mom get sleep in the first 4 months of Bastian's life. When Bastian was a newborn we were co-sleeping because that was the ONLY way I could get him to sleep. I borrowed the Rock 'n Play Sleeper from a friend and amazed that he fell asleep and stayed asleep instantly! We used it until Bastian went to his crib at 4 months. I think babies like the inclined position, along with the security the sides offer. It's light weight, portable and just plain amazing.
  7. Dekor Diaper Pail. This was recommended by a friend and I love it. It keeps the smell of stinky diapers contained and it's easy to use and empty (unlike the diaper genie…i never got that thing). You do have to buy refill liners, but the simple, straightforward re-fill design makes it easy. They also come in cute colors now!
  8. Bobby Newborn Lounger. Most moms have a boppy pillow for nursing, but this boppy lounger we used all the time too! We used this pillow all over the house to give Bastian a soft cozy place to "lounge". When we were in a room that didn't have a swing or rocker to set him down in, we used this pillow. Something about the position it sets them in, makes them feel secure and comfortable unlike just laying on a blanket on the floor. It's easily portable and gives them a place to lay when you are at someone else's house.
  9. Summer Infant Video Monitor. This is probably the most used baby item we have. This takes baby monitors to a whole new level of spying on your baby haha. The camera can pan and zoom while the monitor has night vision, allows you to talk to your baby, and has a noise indicator. Not only is it fun to watch your baby sleep, but you don't have to rush to their room every peep you hear. I love this gizmo, and will most likely be spying on Bastian for the first years of his life haha.
  10. Aden and Anais Swaddles. These are amazing blankets. We use them all of the time, especially in the newborn/infant stage. These muslin blankets are big, breathable and so soft. I have two packs of these and just love them. We have used them for swaddling, burp clothes, nursing covers, blankets for the hotter months, and Bastian's favorite game – peek-a-boo. With all the spit-up, poo, pee, slobber, dirt and the many washes these blankets have seen, they still look new.
  11. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover. This is a must with an infant in colder weather climates. This car seat cover is SAFE for your baby. So many people don't realize the importance of car seat safety and all the products out there that shouldn't be used with a car seat. Nothing should be between the baby and the car seat, so those fuzzy car seat covers that go under the baby are a no-no. This cover just goes over the top of your car seat like a shower cap. It's easy to pop on and off and the zipper allows you to put your baby in without taking it off. Also, you should never put your baby in their car seat with a coat on – that's why products like this are essential to have to keep them warm. It's so important to make sure you are using your car seat correctly – here are some articles that I have found informative:
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