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Start with Breakfast and Protect Your Kids from Obesity + Recipe

Whether you sit down at the kitchen table and eat a bowl of cereal with fruit or grab something quick as you run out the door, starting your morning off with breakfast is an important part of being healthy.

Even if you've never put the two together, your presence (or absence) in the morning may play a role in your own child's breakfast habits. A recent study from Oklahoma State University took a closer look at the relationship between "parental presence" and the breakfast habits of adolescents and young adults.


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Snow is beautiful and fun for kids of all ages to play in. Bring this fun indoors with these snow-themed activities! Plus, most of these activities only need a few supplies that you may already have around the house. We tried several of them during the recent snow day, and are excited to try out the rest this winter!


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Screening for Adolescent Depression

New guidelines ask pediatricians to screen pre-teens and teenagers for depression. This is a good addition - due to the number of teens who go undetected for the disease.


We conducted an independent survey to determine the top ten children's books that should be in every family's library.

Er, well, no, we didn't actually do that. I just picked some of my favorites and organized them alphabeticaly, because I couldn't pick my favorite of the ten. They're all so good! My family doesn't even own all of these, so if anyone needs any Christmas gift ideas...


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