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Do you have any summer activities ideas?

Since school will be getting out soon for the summer, what activities are you planning to keep your children occupied?

Heather | Expert


Sometimes it's just nice to be a family and not have activities scheduled. 

During the summer months we go to the park or the movies on a whim. Sometimes we stay indoors on a rainy day and read books or watch a movie. Sometimes we explore the neighborhood and discover nature right here in the city. My kids enjoy doing art projects together or playing minature golf. 

This summer we are planning on going on daily morning bike rides with a picnic occasionally. We like to reconnect as a family during the summer and do things together and not be under the pressure of having to be somewhere by a certain time.

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Charity | Expert


We go through this every summer. How do you keep the kids entertained, out of bed before noon, and off the couch or computer all summer? I'm not looking forward to the infamous complaint of, "I'm bored." I do have a plan though.  

We have some scheduled summer camps that the kids will be attending. My daughter also has swim team four days per week, so that gets us all out of the house in the morning. It is at the community pool/park, so we all go and spend the hour playing. 

My son is more difficult to entertain. He would be happy to spend the majority of the summer on the computer. I have given him the assignment of coming up with something he would like to learn to do that he has never done. Then we will find a way to make it happen. I also pull out the C word--CHORES. I know - I am so mean! I figure they are home making more of a mess, so they should learn to clean it up was well. I have a dream that if they see how much work it is to clean up they will be more careful to not make the mess in the first place. 

We also try to do some volunteer work. The library is always looking for kids to help organize books. We have also volunteered as dog walkers for a local program that assists the elderly. The library's summer reading program is always a part of our summer. The kids log the hours that they read and they get prizes.

I know that even with the best laid plans there will still be plenty of time to be bored, but I think that's ok. Sometimes it takes a bit of boredom to bring out creativity.  I am sure we will have a wonderful summer and we will send them back to school in the fall with the same eagerness of summer break.

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Jocelyn | Expert


I personally don't believe in keeping my children "occupied." They are children -  they go outside and play and I keep tabs on what they are doing.

We will have our planned outings as a family to places such as the zoo, fishing and camping, going on walks and having movie nights.

Overall though, I don't believe children need helicopter parents sitting over top of them and planning their days for them. My kids get up, eat breakfast, get a shower, do chores and then they go play like kids should.

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John | Expert


With summer upon us and with school being out, what we have done is send our 7 year old to the YMCA Summer Fun Club. She gets to have fun swimming as well as socializing with many different children.

As a family, we have designated Sundays as our family fun adventure day, where we do different things like going to the museum, a state park or just out for a nice lunch.

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Lori | Expert


Summer is always a busy time for everyone and keeping children occupied is important.

Our daughter loves to visit her “Granny” – who lives in an apartment in Lincoln. She already set up a time to go spend a few days with her starting the day after school lets out! She is also going to be a bride’s maid in her brother’s wedding.

For the rest of the summer I will make sure she spends time at the library, some time at the pool (she and I both love to swim), and she will be participating in summer practices for the ROTC Drill Team.

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