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Is poor sleeping causing moodiness In my 9-Year-Old?

My 9-yr-old daughter has trouble sleeping until either my husband or I sleep on the couch.

She typically wakes up between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., so she's is not getting much sleep during the night maybe 2-4 hours.

Also, she has really been negative about her thoughts. She says everyone hates her or she hates this or that. Very emotional!! Do you have any suggestions?

Robert Woodford | Pediatrician

Robert Woodford

After reading the question, it is unclear where your daughter is sleeping.  Is she falling asleep in her bed? Is she coming into your bedroom and displacing one parent from the bed so she can sleep with the remaining parent? 

Regardless of the details, your daughter’s night awakenings are causing impairment, affecting each person’s ability to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Poor sleep may be the cause of mood changes the following day, sometimes even negativity or depressive symptoms. 

On the other hand, a variety of underlying emotional or mood disorders can be associated with sleep initiation problems, night awakenings or problems awakening in the mornings. 

Other associated symptoms may include: restlessness, feeling irritable or tense, temper outbursts, fatigue, low mental energy, appetite changes, frustration, feeling discouraged, tearfulness, being critical of self or others, worrying, inattention, difficulties in school problems or loss of interest in friends or activities. 

Due to the lack of complete medical history, your child deserves a comprehensive medical examination to rule out underlying medical conditions and a behavioral health consultation to tease out the root cause of her emotional symptoms.

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