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Are speech delays caused by Tuberous Sclerosis?

Speech Delays Caused by Tuberous Sclerosis

We have a grandson with tuberous sclerosis which has caused severe speech delays. He is four and he bites his mom when he is frustrated or doesn't want to do something.

She is the one who gives him meds, which he hates, and that is where the biting started. Now he bites whenever she has to make him do something he doesn't want to do or when he cannot make her understand what he wants.

She has severe bites that cause bruising and take ages to heal--plus he breaks the skin often and there is the fear of infection. We are at our wits' end and no one seems to know what to do.

We've had no suggestions from school or neurologist. Do you have any recommendations that could help? What about biter beads? Thank you for anything you can offer.

Katrena Lacey | Pediatrician

Katrena Lacey

My advice is to consider some changes in the environment of the child. Consider some possible triggers for the biting behaviors (i.e. medication administration) and try to alter those triggers.

One example might be to have another person give the medication for awhile so that mom does not become the person who is negatively associated with the medication. Another might be to administer the medication in a new environment like outside or in another location so that the visual and audio stimuli are different for the child.

Be sure that mom and child are doing some positive, fun things together and increase the amount of positive interactions between mom and child.

In this type of situation a behavioral pediatrician can be very helpful and you may want to ask your primary care provider to refer the child to a behavioral specialist.

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