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Our son and daughter got a gaming system as a gift. How do I get them to share?

While they enjoy it, how can we help them manage their play time? They seem to constantly argue over what games to play and rarely agree on the same one. We want them to cooperate and find some common ground - but how do we get there?

Heather | Expert


We limit the time to only Friday through Sunday and then for no more than one hour each day per child.  Never Monday through Thursday because we find the kids will have the games on their mind during school time. 

In order to play the games, the kids must have their rooms cleaned, all chores done, homework done, and practice their instruments.

Whoever is done with their tasks first, will be the one who chooses their game first. The bonus to this is both the children and the parents get what they want.

The kids get to play their games, and the parents get to enjoy a cleaner house. Also, if they don't agree on the same game to play with at the same time, take that game out of the choosing.

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