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My baby slept well, now isn't. Can you help?

My 6-month-old daughter was sleeping for 8 hours straight for a few weeks and now she is waking up several times between 11 p.m. and
3 a.m.

What can I do to prevent this from happening? Can I give her an herbal calming remedy that has infant dosages? Help!

Stephanie Neuhaus | Pediatrician

Stephanie Neuhaus

If your 6-month-old daughter had been sleeping through the night and is now up several times, the first thing we would recommend is a quick check by your baby’s doctor to rule out an ear infection or other medical issue that may be disrupting her sleep. 

If no medical issue is found, we would recommend sleep training where you gradually allow your daughter to soothe herself back to sleep. This can be discussed in detail with your baby’s doctor at the same visit. 

This is a very common problem that babies go through the first 2 years of life and may require retraining several times. Herbal remedies are not recommended.

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