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My toddler has regressed after his surgery?

My son (21 months) had surgery this month for an undescended testicle, then a few days later went to urgent care for an ear infection.

He has had a rough month. He has regressed on potty training and sleeping through the night. He is clingy almost all the time, almost a different kid than before. Could he be tramatized from the surgery and afraid to let mommy out of his site? Or is it a phase for his age? He wakes up 2-3 times a night screaming and will not go back to sleep. He cries and throws a fit when we try to put him on the potty. Help!!

Karen K. Meyer | Pediatrician

Karen K. Meyer

Your child needs seen by his physician to make sure the ear infection has cleared or not returned as this will definitely affect sleep.

When the child lays down flat, the pressure builds behind the eardrum and causes pain. 

You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Illness needs to be ruled out before it is assumed that your son's regression is determined to be behavioral.

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