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My 13-month-old is refusing to eat, any advice?

My daughter has only two teeth, and she is refusing to eat anything. I have tried everything under the sun. She is now on Vitamin D milk, I really don't know if that has anything to do with it. Before this she was a really good eater. Is there anything that I can do or am doing wrong?

Jennifer Reiser | Pediatrician

Jennifer Reiser

In response to your question, it is kind of tough, because we don't know much about the child's eating history. There are a couple things that I'm thinking: first, how much Vitamin D milk is the child drinking per day?

Amount of milk

Parents often get used to children drinking a certain amount of formula or breastmilk up until one year of age, but after that, when they are transitioned to Vitamin D milk, we like the milk intake to be between 16 and 24 ounces per day.

If a child is drinking much more milk than that in a day, she may be feeling full and not wanting to eat as many solids.

Amount of juice

On a similar note, is this child drinking juice? If so, how much? Excessive juice intake can also fill up a stomach without providing much nutrition. If a child is drinking any juice, I  suggest it to be 4 ounces or less per day and usually watered down.

Teething pain

Lastly, if this child only has two teeth, I'm sure that more are likely coming in or close to coming in so it's possible that the child's mouth is hurting and therefore she doesn't feel like eating. A teether or pain reliever may help if teething is the issue.

It's important to continue to offer a variety of foods at mealtimes and try not to make feeding a battle. As always it is important to keep your regular check ups and keep your pediatrician in the loop.

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