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What suggestions do you have for handling 2 year old on the plane and in the airport?

I am going to take a plane trip with my toddler for the first time. How do I prepare him for it? And, what suggestions do you have for handling him on the plane and in the airport?

Jocelyn | Expert


I took my 2 year old on a plane trip and it was actually a very great experience.

I prepared her by letting her know where we were going and that we get to go on an airplane. I got her excited for the trip.

We got to the airport early and we spent the time watching planes landing and taking off while sitting in the cafeteria with a snack.

We waited until the last minute to go through security and then boarded early so that we could sit at the front of the plane where there is a bit more room.

I brought toys to keep her busy as well as her favorite stuffed animal and blanket. The flight attendants brought some pretzels for her to snack on and we had a very nice flight with her napping for half of the time.

I think if you make it into a fun, exciting thing - rather than stressing about how it might go - it will turn out just fine. Keep your child busy and ask for some snacks right away.

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