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Is it okay to take our baby trick-or-treating?

We would love to take our newborn infant out trick-or-treating on Halloween. Are there precautions we should keep in mind with a very young child?

Karen K. Meyer | Pediatrician

Karen K. Meyer

Congratulations on your baby – and parenthood!

And, thank you for asking about keeping your infant safe on this holiday. With a few guidelines, you should be able to have an enjoyable experience for your baby’s first Halloween:

  1. Never put makeup on your baby. A mask should also be avoided – consider using a cute hat to accent the costume (and keep baby’s head extra-warm)
  2. Be mindful of the temperature. Your baby cannot regulate her body temperature like an adult. Limit the amount of time you expose her to the outdoors. 
  3. Examine the costume you choose. Be sure there are no parts which can break off and be ingested. If your child is walking, be certain there are no tripping hazards from a costume that is too long, or shoes that are not familiar. 
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