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Sugar and Toddlers?

How does sugar affect a toddler’s behavior?

Audra Losey MS RD | Expert

Audra Losey MS RD

Unlike popular belief, there is no scientific evidence to say sugar is the cause of hyperactivity. More than likely this idea originated because of situations. High sugar foods are typically served around celebrations or other events that can be overly stimulating giving the appearance that the high sugar foods are contributing the hyperactive behavior.

Scientifically consuming sugar can have a calming effect because it causes the brain to produce serotonin which gives an overall feeling of well-being.

Now this is not an endorsement for giving your children lots of sugary foods. There are good reasons to limit sugar in your child's diet. Your child's stomach is small and can fill up quickly, so if you feed them sugar which are devoid of nutrients, they’ll be too full to eat the good food they need to grow and develop.

You can learn more in my blog post, Fact or Myth: Sugar Causes Hyperactivity.

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