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Teenage girls want pay for uncompleted tasks

My friend has two teenaged girls, 16 and 14. I was trying to give them some responsiblity and the opportunity to earn extra money. 

I asked if they wanted to clean 3 rooms, which were messy from a party. I told them I would pay them each $50. They agreed.

They partially finished the job and then were unable to return to finish. I told them I would pay them if they completed another task, but not for partially finishing the original job.

The girls and their mother are furious with me. Their mother paid them – saying it was wrong not to. I feel they need to learn to complete a job and I feel it is an important lesson.

What should I have done? 

Reema Abou-Nasr | Family Medicine

Reema Abou-Nasr

I agree that they need to learn accountability and responsibility. I feel that this is an ongoing problem commonly seen with this generation.

I agree with not paying them the full amount but maybe paying them $20 or half of the amount if they had done most of the work, but did not complete it.

As parents, we do need to work harder on teaching these adolescents responsibility. Doing chores regularly can help them become successful adults. 

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