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How harsh should our punishment be for missing curfew?

My 13-year-old stepson didn't come home last night. I woke his mother and told her then went down the road to his 15-year-old buddy's house and found him. He told us he was too tired to walk home at midnight - it's maybe 2 blocks.

He has plans to go on a skate date tonight that is really important to him should we let him go?

Lori | Expert


This is such a tough age, kids are testing the boundaries and wanting to do what the older kids do.

It’s important to let him know that you don’t approve of his staying out all night without letting you know where he is, and that there is no excuse for this disrespectful behavior. 

Grounding is an old fashioned idea, it seems, but in situations like this it’s a really good tool to help a child see that you won’t tolerate behavior like this.  Missing out on something that is really important to him will help make the point more vivid. 

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