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Can the use of hair products affect breastfeeding my baby?

Using Hair Care Products, Dyes and Rebonding

Is it safe to get hair rebonding done during breastfeeding?

Christine Tracy | Other Provider

Christine Tracy

There is no evidence that a mother's use of hair-care products will affect her breastfeeding baby.  With that in mind, some chemicals in hair dyes, permanents, etc., may be absorbed through a mother's skin. If her scalp is healthy and intact, less will be absorbed than if the skin on her scalp is scratched or abraded. 

There is no report of a breastfeeding baby being affected, so use your judgment, keeping in mind the health of your scalp. This information came from the 2010 edition of Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple.

There are also maternal hormone changes that continue to take place while breastfeeding. This may affect your hair health and the results of rebonding. It would be best to ask your hairstylist if your hair is strong enough for the process at this time.

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