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My baby screams while I nurse him, what's wrong?

My baby is three and a half months old and he is screaming while I nurse him. He will be content for the first few minutes and then he will start crying and pushing off my breast.

I will then switch sides and he might be ok for another minute or two but then he will start crying again. I have tried to burp him between breasts and he cries so much he won't burp.

My doctor also had us start giving him a few ounces of supplement after each feeding because he was not gaining weight. He had only gained two ounces in three weeks. I also know that I have plenty of milk. I can pump about two ounces after he has eaten.

My breasts do feel less full after he eats too. It's like he gets so worked up he can't eat anymore. He is a very happy baby at all other times. He hardly ever cries except when he eats. Do you have any ideas on how to help him eat better?

Rita Madden | Other Provider

Rita Madden

I think you will benefit from a visit with a lactation consultant. It sounds like you have a good supply of milk, yet somewhere along the way, your baby isn't ingesting enough of it. It could be latch, too fast or too slow of milk flow, positioning, scheduled feedings, or your infant's oral development.

Together you and your lactation consultant can discover where the issue lies. Weighing the baby before and after a feeding on the same scale (one that measures in grams) and without changing a diaper or any clothing during the feeding will give some insight as to how much milk the baby is taking and might begin to answer some questions.

This is a service your lactation consultant can provide. If you are in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, please make an appointment with a lactation consultant.

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