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Why is my baby crying and spitting up during and after nursing?

Why is my baby crying and spitting up during and after nursing? He is 19 days old.

McKenzie Jones | Other Provider

McKenzie Jones

As a parent, it can be very frustrating trying to determine what our babies are trying to tell us through their cries.  Some spitting up is normal, but if the baby seems fussy or uncomfortable, there could be a couple of contributing factors. 

Babies' stomachs are still growing and adapting to this thing called digestion.  There is a sphincter at the top of their stomach that isn't fully developed yet.  Think of it as a water balloon that isn't tied off at the top.  When overfull or moved around, the water can spill out.  This is similar to what could be going on with the spitting up.

In some cases, your milk may let-down more quickly than the baby can keep up with.  This can also cause fussiness as well as spitting up.  In a few cases, babies can have reflux which also causes excessive spitting up and discomfort.  I would encourage you to call the baby's doctor as well as our lactation team so we can help determine what is going on and get breastfeeding back to normal for both you and your baby. You can reach us on our lactation hotline at 402-815-1528.

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