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What should I do to start breast feeding again?

My daughter is 1 month old and I stopped breast feeding her 3 weeks ago and put her on formula. Ever since I've put her on formula she has been having issues with it and I would like to start breastfeeding again. I am wondering what should I do to start breast feeding again? My milk has not dried up at all, but I know for sure I need my supply to increase. How would I could I do that?

McKenzie Jones | Other Provider

McKenzie Jones

I would suggest you make an appointment with a lactation consultant that can work closely with you and help get this process underway. 

I imagine your baby may not latch at the moment since it has been 3 weeks, so you also will benefit from an efficient double electric pump to express your milk while you are working together with a lactation consultant to get her latching again. 

Three things to keep in mind are to:

1. Feed your baby.  If she is latching, this can be done with a supplemental nurser system until you have regained full milk supply. 

2. Protect your milk supply.  Use a high quality double pump at least 8-12 times per day until she is able to latch and drink consistently on her own. 

3. Fix the latch.  Discover and repair the reason you stopped in the first place so you can continue to nurse and enjoy your breastfeeding experience with your baby. 

It is not too late to regain breastfeeding. Get in touch with a lactation consultant, get a high quality pump and get a supplemental nurser system and then go for it! I am rooting for you!

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