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Why does he refuse to breastfeed during the day?

Hi, my baby was born on July 9th, 2013. He is a really content boy. Sleeps well during the night and wakes up only for feedings (twice late night and early morning). He takes the breast at night but he refuses to breastfeed during the day. I use the same position both day and night (lying down on a side). I tried a different position during the day and he still doesn't take the breast and starts being agitated kicking his legs. So I bottle feed him. I use a Tommee Tippie slow flow bottle with my pumped breastmilk or he Nutramigen lipil 1 formula (lactose intolerant, I am on a lactose free diet too). I don't know how to make him suck during the day?!

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

It sounds to me that a baby who is 2 months old has become flow and nipple preferenced, and it is difficult to get them back to the breast after this happens. I would encourage lots of skin to skin during the day and to try nursing in a dark quiet room when the baby is more tired. You can not force a baby to breastfeed but you can encourage them with these ideas!!

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