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I'm ready to stop nursing. How do I do it?

I’m ready to stop nursing. How do I do it? Is it going to hurt? How long will I have these lumps in my breasts? Is there anything to this cabbage leaf trick?

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

Weaning can be mother-led or baby-led. A lot will depend on how old your baby is when you start weaning and how many times per day your baby is breastfeeding.

Generally you start by eliminating one breastfeeding and replacing it with a bottle of formula.

Wait 2-4 days and eliminate a second breastfeeding and replace it with a bottle of formula.

Now baby is getting 2 formula bottles per day. Continue in this manner until you have eliminated all breastfeedings.

You may get a little uncomfortable during this process and the breasts may feel a bit hard or lumpy but this will improve.

You may want to put an ice bag on the hard spots for 10 minutes several times daily. The lumpiness in your breasts can last several days. Cabbage leaves can be used to help decrease the swelling.

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