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I am having oversupply problems. What can I do?

I am having oversupply problems. I talked to my lactation consultant and she told me to feed half of a feeding on one side and half on the other so my body would reabsorb the milk. But everything I see online says to feed on one side for a few hours. I am asking for another opinion on what is best.

McKenzie Jones | Other Provider

McKenzie Jones

Oversupply can be a challenge, and sometimes painful.  As you make changes to decrease your supply, the goal is to avoid mastitis while reducing your supply to a comfortable yet adequate amount. 

The age of your baby, your future plans (going back to work or staying home), and how long your oversupply has been troublesome are factors in deciding which method of decreasing oversupply is best for you. 

One method is block feeding. This may be what you are reading most online. This is a good method to use if you are staying home, your baby is over 2 months old, and you rarely pump your milk to store for future need. The way that your lactation consultant recommended can work too. 

Remember, any feeding/pumping will perpetuate continued milk production. Yet you also have to get some relief from fullness by expressing to minimize the risk of mastitis. So express if you need to during your time of reducing oversupply, but express as little as necessary to get relief. Use ice packs to relieve the discomfort as well. 

You should notice a difference in about 2 days no matter what method you use.  If you are not feeling better, please call your lactation consultant for a specific method tailored just for you.

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