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Should I mix breast milk with formula and have it last longer?

I am going back to work and am going to be done breastfeeding. I was able to get a lot of milk stored in the freezer!

Is it more beneficial for my baby to drink all breast milk bottles until it's gone (making it a shorter time the milk will last) or mix breast milk with formula and have it last longer?

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

That is great that you have so much milk stored up for your little one!

To date I have read nothing that supports the use of all of the breast milk up front or to string it out over a longer period of time. My inclination would be to incorporate the use of breast milk as long as possible so that your baby is getting some of the immunity over a longer period of time.

There has been some discussion as to actually adding breast milk and formula in the same bottle and whether or not that is a good method or not. I would maybe suggest having baby have one full bottle of breast milk and the next feeding be all formula. That way if baby does not take the entire bottle and you have to waste some you are not wasting your breast milk.

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