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Why does my supply drop around 5 months?

I just had my third baby two and a half weeks ago. With my first two babies I started having trouble with my milk supply right around 5 months. With my first it worked out because he took to solids quickly and it balanced out and I was able to nurse until he was 10 months, but with my second, he wasn't ready for solids when my supply began dropping.

I started supplementing because he was losing weight and was getting very upset. Once I started supplementing he wouldn't have anything to do with breastfeeding because it was too much work compared to the bottle.

So, here I am with my third child and I'm wondering if there is a reason my supply drops around 5 months and if there is a way I can prevent it from doing so?

Rita Madden | Other Provider

Rita Madden

There are various reasons why milk supply can drop. Some common ones are:

1. Stress from returning to work

2. Starting a new medication or birth control

3. Return of menses

4. Supplementation or postponing feedings by use of a pacifier

There are ways to increase your milk supply for all of these. Sometimes just increasing your fluid intake or taking an herb that will boost your supply is all that is needed to help overcome any temporary dip in supply. 

I encourage you to contact your lactation consultant and discuss your specific situation to hopefully determine the root cause. Our bodies are designed to make enough milk for as long as desired. It is dynamic; however, because it takes both you and your baby nursing effectively to ensure a full supply.

Taking time to talk to your lactation consultant will help.

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