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Is it okay to use Monistat for hair growth while breastfeeding?

Is it okay to use Monistat 1,3, or 7 for hair growth purposes on my scalp while nursing my little one at 10 months old. I want to start pumping, but am afraid that the product will get into my breastmilk somehow. What should I do?

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

I have not heard of using Monistat for this purpose and unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for you. Most women use Monistat as an over-the-counter medication for yeast infections. You can learn more at the Monistat Website.

When I tried researching using it for hair growth, I was unable to find any information that would help answer your question. We do know that Monistat used vaginally is not a concern.

I don’t know how long you were planning to breastfeed, but with your baby being 10 months old you might give some thought to holding off on using this product on your hair until you have weaned your baby since you are so close to 1 year.

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