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Is drinking Muscle Milk bad for breastfeeding?

My wife is due to have a c-section tomorrow at 36 1/2 weeks. She drank chocolate Muscle Milk (pre-made shakes) three days in a row--Sun, Mon & Tues. She then read a few things that really concerned her about its contents.

She is otherwise eating a very healthy/balanced diet. Should we be concerned about the potential bad things in the Muscle Milk and it still being left in her body when she breast feeds for the first time tomorrow? We know how important those first feedings are and kind of panicked from reading things online.

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

I was not familiar with this product so I did a little research on it. The only information I came up with was from the Website for the product itself. I am not sure what concerns you may have after reading about it, but would be very happy to visit with you or your wife in more detail.

From the ingredients listed on the Website I did not see anything concerning, but some of these products have trace metals in them and I suspect that may be where some of the controversy lies. Unfortunately I am not able to find any research based information related to the use of Muscle Milk and Breastfeeding.

My suggestion would be to visit with your baby’s doctor and get his or her input. I hope this helps.

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