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Gassy Baby - Is it Something I'm Eating?

How do I know if it is something that I am eating that is upsetting my baby's tummy or if it's my milk in general? My baby is a month old and seems to be getting worse about being up day and night with constant sessions of straining to pass gas and being very gassy in general.

I am using the gas drops at every feeding but it does not seem to help. Once he passes the large amounts of gas he is better but when you lay him on his back he is instantly straining it seems or just sleeps for a short period and is straining again. What do I do?

McKenzie Jones | Other Provider

McKenzie Jones

Fussiness and gassiness are normal during the newborn period and are unlikely to be caused by something in the mother's diet.  Are your baby's stools still yellow and seedy in color and is he stooling every day? 

Studies show that during the first year, only about 5% of breastfed babies react to a food their mother consumes, with cow's milk being the most common food babies react to.

You may keep a diary of what you are eating to see if there is any relation between a certain food (or large amount of one food) and your baby's fussiness.

A baby's reaction to a food eaten by the mother resolves within 24 hours. If the baby is eating something other than a mother's own milk, the other food most likely is the cause of the gassiness.

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