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Will the herbal product Lactation Support help my milk supply?

I am breastfeeding my baby and it is going well. But I am concerned about keeping up my milk supply.

I heard of a an herbal product called Lactation Support which is supposed to help increase your breast milk supply.

I'm already taking fenugreek. My baby is getting enough now and is gaining very well, just curious if I should start taking both to increase my supply?

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

Lactation Support® is a blend of herbs marketed to support breastmilk production. It has fenugreek in it and you can choose to take it as directed on the bottle or take the fenugreek alone as you have been.

Please be mindful of the recommended dosage of fenugreek and the affect its use may have on blood sugar.

EDITOR: Since this is an herbal product, it is not evaluated by the FDA in the same manner as medications. expert Dr. Greg Severson covers the safe use of herbal products in his article.

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