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What is the best way to alternate between formula and breast milk?

For numerous reasons, including having a young toddler and having to take medication to prevent a return of postpartum depression, I am considering a limited time of mixed bottle feeding for my newborn baby prior to weaning solely to formula.

My mixed-feeding idea during the first month or so would predominately include formula, with pumped breast milk once or twice a day. I wanted to know whether it is possible to safely and effectively pump breast milk once or twice a day following delivery or if this option would likely cause mastitis or other related issues.

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

You have some very valid concerns. I cannot tell you for sure if you choose to do both and only empty or stimulate the breast once or twice a day that you will get an adequate supply to support that feeding pattern.

Milk is made by the stimulation to the breast. Supply is typically determined by supply and demand. I do understand your dilemma and would like to be able to help you as much as possible. I cannot guarantee that you would not get mastitis if you get an adequate milk supply and only chose to nurse the baby or pump 1-2 times per day.

You also may be very uncomfortable with the fullness of your breast during the times that will bottle feed. I understand your thought process that you would like to be able to give this baby some breast milk for a short period of time. If there is anything that we can help call one of our lactation consultants at (402) 815-1528.

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