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What do I do to make my breast even?

Ok, so my baby just turned 5 months, and my breasts seem to be uneven. The one that is smaller my baby seems to eat on for just a few minutes and then gets mad like she isn't getting any milk. The one that is bigger, she seems to really favor. First off what do I do to make them even? It is a little embarrassing, and second how would I increase my milk supply on one or both sides? Or at least make them even?

McKenzie Jones | Other Provider

McKenzie Jones

It is very common and no cause for concern that a woman's lactating breasts are uneven. Often times it is more noticeable to the mother than to anyone else around her.  As long as the baby is satisfied at breast, there is nothing you need to do. If you would like to try to increase production on that side, always start a feeding on that side as your baby's strong initial suckle will help to drive up production. She may be used to a rapid flow from the other side and may not have patience for the "smaller" side. Try to keep her on the "smaller" side until you have a let-down or use hand expression before latching to get a let down yourself before she latches if need be. With consistently latching first on that side, over time (about 4 days), your production will increase. Enjoy the confidence in knowing that you are able to satisfy your baby and your body is doing a great job at making milk.

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