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How can I get my baby back to sleep after breastfeeding during the night?

How can I get my baby back to sleep after breastfeeding during the night and get her back down in her crib without waking her?

Christine Tracy | Other Provider

Christine Tracy

Understand that when your baby cries, she needs something. That something might be you. She is not trying to manipulate you nor is she becoming spoiled.  Knowing that you or another trusted loved one is close by is very comforting. 

If she needs that comfort, holding her so she can hear your heartbeat, hear your breath sounds, and feel your warmth is perfect for her.  So at night keep stimulation down to a minimum, and keep the lights low. During the day go about your business as usual. Eventually she will learn the routine of your family and she will sleep when everyone else does.

Babies cycle through stages of sleep just like we do. You want to try to lay her down when she is in the deep sleep part of her cycle.  After you nurse her, burp her and hold her until she has been asleep for about 20 minutes. Then lay her down. Most of all, be patient and enjoy the moments when you hold her. There is something special and sweet about holding a sleeping baby.

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