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Can I nurse my adopted newborn if I am pregnant?

breastfeeding While Pregnant

A couple will be adopting a baby boy right from is due next week, they have a birth son and just recently found out they are expecting in June 2014. My question is, will the adoptive Mom be able to nurse their newborn adopted son since she is pregnant? About 16 weeks pregnant. Will she have the milk by then?

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

Congratulations first and foremost on 2 new babies in 6 months!

On the other hand, I am hesitant to tell you that it is safe to attempt to breastfeed the adopted baby when you are 16 weeks pregnant and I am not sure if you are considered a high risk pregnancy. Due to hormones during pregnancy, the milk will remain in the colostrum phase until after the placenta is delivered and it begins changing to mature milk with the hormone changes that take place at that time.

My concern is possibly the contractions that nursing can cause and we do not want this necessarily with a high risk pregnancy. I would have you ask your obstetrician first and foremost and then make decisions from that point.

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