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What are the rules of caffeine and alcohol intake during breastfeeding?

What are the rules of caffeine intake during breastfeeding and also the rules of having some wine or a drink and breastfeeding?

The holidays are coming up and would like some wine, if possible, but I do not if it will be safe to have a drink while I breastfeed my son. I am also curious about the effect caffeine might have on him? Can you give me some guidelines?

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

Caffeine consumption

You may have up to 2 servings of caffeine while breastfeeding.

Alcohol consumption

  • As for alcoholic beverages that can depend. Technically alcohol is compatible with breastfeeding but it is “dose” dependent. What that means is the more alcohol you ingest the more your baby will get.
  • An occasional glass of wine or one mixed drink is probably okay. Breast milk alcohol levels tend to mimic blood alcohol levels, so if you are feeling the effects of the alcohol your baby will too.
  • The safest thing is to avoid alcohol, but if needed you could pump and dump your milk. The more alcohol you drink the longer you have to pump and dump.
  • You can also wait it out. If you don’t get too uncomfortable, you can wait a few hours until the effects of the alcohol wear off as it does move out of your milk and back into your bloodstream.
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