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As a dad, Is there any way I can be apart of the breastfeeding process?

My wife is planning on breastfeeding our baby. Is there any way I can be a part of the process, without compromising her milk?

Sue Harmon | Other Provider

Sue Harmon

Dads have a very important role in breastfeeding. While that may sound strange, you will be Mom’s primary helper and support as she and your baby learn to breastfeed.

Take an active part in observing breastfeeding. Watch what the nurses do to help your wife and ask them to show you how you can help. Help her to adjust pillows, hold baby’s arm out of the way, and just be there. As you both are learning about breastfeeding, two sets of ears are always better than one. You may hear some things that the nurses say that mom may not and vice versa.

Once you all go home your role will continue to be important. Breastfeeding can be challenging and time consuming at first. Mom will need support and understanding as well as help with housework and meals. Rock the baby or walk the floor between feedings if baby won’t settle. Reassure your wife she is doing a great job. Get up with her at night, change baby’s diaper and bring baby to her for feedings. Offer to run errands after work.

These may seem like little things but they are very helpful and your wife will be very appreciative of your help and support.

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