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Any advice for a tandem nursing mom?

I am currently nursing my newborn 4 days old and my 21 month old daughter. At my baby's doctor appointment today, I was advised to supplement with formula due to low urine output.

Now I am questioning if tandem nursing is negatively affecting my milk supply. I presumed based on the supply and demand theory of nursing that my milk supply would be higher with tandem nursing.

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

Tandem nursing does not usually cause moms to have a low milk supply. I would always encourage moms to nurse the newborn first and to make sure the newborn is full and content before nursing the toddler.

I do also encourage moms to eat well, drink enough fluids and get plenty of rest while tandem nursing. You should notice that you are hungrier and thirstier than when you are breastfeeding just one baby. Also, switch the newborn from one breast to the other – rather than restricting each child to a side – to help with milk supply on each side.

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