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Is it a fast let-down an issue?

Hi. I'm on day 10 of breastfeeding and am having an issue with my right breast. My daughter gets really fussy on that side, especially at night and cries and takes at least 30 minutes to successfully latch. And when she does latch, it is excruciating, and I've noticed a big crack/hole on it. I've tried multiple positions but I can't find one that works....while the other side is going pretty well. The right side also was engorged earlier in the week which I relieved with a hot shower and a tiny bit of pumping but noticed that it continues to get very full often. Is this a "fast let-down" issue? If so, I can I fix this?? And what do I do about this crack in my is horribly painful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ann Schuchardt | Other-provider

Ann Schuchardt

Sounds like you are in a lot of pain!! It is very hard to diagnose anything via email. We could try over the phone to help but it might be best to evaluate the latch to see what your daughter is actually doing.

Please give us a call and we can either try to help over the phone or set up an outpatient visit with you. We are available at 402-815-1528 and answer our phones from 7am-3pm. We take outpatient visits Monday-Friday.

Talk to you soon!

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