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Is it normal for one breast to produce more milk?

My daughter is 7 weeks old and for the most part I breastfeed and feedings generally go on for quite some time. In the last few days, I began pumping as I'll be going back to work. I've come to learn that my right breast produces 3 times as much as my left. Two weeks after giving birth, I developed mastisis in my left breast but took medication prescribed and felt much relief. When pumping, I keep the pump on my left side longer to try and stimulate the glands more. Do you have any suggestions to try and get it flowing better? I'm feeling discouraged. Please help. Thank you!

Ann Schuchardt | Other Provider

Ann Schuchardt

It is normal for one breast to produce more than the other. Every mom has one breast that is the over-producer and one breast that produces 'normal' amounts. And since you had mastitis in your left breast that can affect your milk supply. That being said your body will catch up! So keep pumping and feeding! Let us know if you have any further questions!

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