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When going back to work, how many times a day should I pump/feed my child?

When going back to work, how many times a day should I pump/feed in order to ensure adequate milk supply for my 11 week old child? I have heard to pump every 3-4 hours while away from him, but he also sleeps through the night, so I want to make sure I am getting enough stimulation.

Kolene Moore | Other Provider

Kolene Moore

When you return to work, plan to get up a little earlier than usual to allow time to breastfeed your baby before leaving for work. Many mothers find they maintain milk production more easily if they breastfeed before showering or getting ready for work and then breastfeed again just before leaving the baby with the care provider.

If possible develop a pumping routine based on when the baby would normally breastfeed, especially when first returning to work. However, you, your baby, and your milk production will adjust to a new routine if you are able to pump often enough. Many mothers do find pumping sessions go more quickly when they are able to pump at approximately the same time each day.

Plan to breastfeed your baby when you pick him up at the care provider or as soon as you get home. Ask your care provider not to feed the baby, or to limit the amount a hungry baby is fed, for one to two hours before you arrive. This will ensure that he/she will still want to breastfeed soon after your arrival.

You may need to arrange your evening schedule so you can spend more time with your baby when you get home. Breastfeeding more frequently in the evenings and on weekends can help you better maintain milk production, plus you and your baby will enjoy the time together after separation.

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