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I have some questions about using stored breast milk?

I have a quick question about using breast milk that was stored in the fridge. If I heat up 4 ounces of cold milk and baby only takes 2, do I have to throw away the additional 2 ounces or can I use it for the next feeding?

Also if I can use it for the next feeding can I let it sit out or do I need to put the bottle back in the fridge and reheat? Thanks for your help!

Catie Van Gestel | Other Provider

Catie Van Gestel

Once heated, breastmilk should be used within 1 hour, so it is best to pull out a few ounces to start with. Try 2 oz at a time unless your baby usually takes a bit more. You can always pull out more milk if you need it. Keep in mind, too, that thawed breastmilk from your freezer must be used within 24 hours once thawed and kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. So try not to pull out more milk than you think you will need in 24 hours if you have a stash stored in the freezer.

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