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Is my child ready for the transition to kindergarten?

ParentSavvy has received several questions regarding the transition to Kindergarten: 

Q. My child is small for his age. He will be 5 in July. He's been in daycare for 2 years and socializes with all ages of children. Is he too young for Kindergarten?

Q. My child has expressed anxiety about going to kindergarten. She has been at the same home-based daycare since she was an infant and is very attached to her daycare provider. Is there anything I can do to ease her fear with going to kindergarten?

Q. My son is almost 5 and has been home with me since birth (no daycare). He already can count, write and identify letters and read a bit. I wonder if he will be too advanced for kindergarten, or if I should have him test out and go to 1st grade. How should I figure out what is best for him?