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How do you treat a blister?

What is the recommended treatment for blisters in young children?

Sarah Broadhead | Pediatrician

Sarah Broadhead

If your child gets a blister, it will often heal on its own. Our skin is incredibly effective at repairing itself, however there are some extra steps parents can take to ensure their children's blisters heal properly:

  • Sanitize the area around the blister using soap and water
  • Reduce swelling and discomfort with cold or an ice pack
  • Avoid forcibly puncturing the blister on your own, this increases the risk for infection by creating an open wound
  • Keep the area as clean and dry as possible, this can be especially difficult for blisters on the hands and feet
  • Call your child's health care provider at any sign of infection: swelling, redness, pus, pain, fever or streaking.
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