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Fatty tissue under the nipple?

If you have fatty tissue under the nipple, could it hurt?

Emily Bendlin | Pediatrician

Emily Bendlin

Pain can definitely be a symptom of breast enlargement or a breast mass. What is reassuring is that the overwhelming majority of these are benign and go away with time.

In females going through puberty, it is normal to develop "breast buds," which usually present as firm bumps under the nipple. These can be present on one side or both sides, and they are frequently tender to touch. Just as other parts of your body go through growth spurts, your breasts do as well. This development can be painful! Once you start your period, it can also be normal to have breast pain and fullness in the days leading up to your period.

In teenage males, it can also be normal to have breast enlargement. This is called gynecomastia, and it refers to the growth of breast tissue in males. In fact, it occurs in over half of males going through puberty! It can be very tender at first. Gynecomastia almost always goes away on its own within a year.

Although most painful breast masses are normal and resolve with time, contact your doctor if the tissue continues to enlarge, if there is associated skin redness or drainage, or if it isn't going away on its own.

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